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Comparison of Canadian and US-American Management Methods

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The management methods and tools of the US (American) have always had a worldwide impact. It is to be noted that US management tools and techniques have had such a grave impact and influence on the European management behavior. To quote an example, high potentials of European companies have spent several years in the USA in order to perfect the lingua franca of trade and business i.e. to become experts in the English language. Their stay has added a bonus advantage to the Europeans as they were able to benefit from their daily work (working styles and forms) from one of the most important economies of the world. If a foreigner (especially a European) spent a considerable time abroad (in the US) to learn the tricks of the trade in business and management, it was often a kind of a guarantee for the young high potential European to climb up the hierarchical ladder in a speedy manner within the company. Furthermore, European companies did and continue to adopt and adapt many innovations originating from the USA in their domestic companies to improve a number of factors such as the efficiency of the employees and the company as a whole, the satisfaction and motivation levels of their employees or to satisfy the shareholders of the company in the best possible manner thereby, protecting the goodwill and interests of the company. For these reasons, it was easy for us to make a decision and select the USA as one of the two countries which would be ideal for a concrete and abstract comparison.

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