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Conference and Exhibition Management in Berlin

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  1. The characteristics of the association buyer and the criteria to select an appropriate venue
  2. The choice of venue
  3. The event programme
  4. The event budget
  5. The marketing plan
  6. The evaluation strategy

Conferences and related events are developing sectors which represent a significant part of the tourism industry. Generally, the type of venue can be divided in six parts, (BACD, 2006):
?Hotels (53%)
?Unusual venues (19%)
?Conference / training centres (10%)
?Multi-purpose venues (11%)
?Educational venues such as universities (5%)
?Purpose-built conference and exhibition centres (2%)

In September 2008, the University of Bright People will organize a conference titled Museums and Heritage. The location of the conference will be Germany (the country is ranked number two in terms of demand, ICCA, 2006). Berlin has been chosen by the organizers because of its history and heritage. The city is well endowed with a variety of beautiful scenery and cultural attractions.

The location is a very important element, it can make or break an event (Judy Allen, 2000). It is not the only criterion to consider, if you want to make a successful conference. In this report, we will see step by step how the University of Bright People has built its events with the choice of venue, the event programme, the budget event, the marketing of the event and the evaluation strategy of the conference.

[...] Conference fees GLOBAL PRICE FOR THE 3 DAYS Euros PRICE FOR ONE DAY Euros LUNCH IN THE ICC euros I will pay the amount: ( By check: address of payment: University of Bright people 40 East Fountainbridge EH3 9BH Berlin ( By credit card: ( Master/Euro card ( Visa ( American Express Credit card number Expiry date Name cardholder CVC Code* *Master/ Euro card holders: please note that you need to fill out your CVC code as well. This is a 3-figure code on the back of your credit card following the credit card number. [...]

[...] Michael Blumenthal, Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Sir Neil Cossons, Chairman of English heritage, Tomislav Sola, Professor of museology, Zagreb University, are well known for their work in heritage and related areas. Also present is Bernd Neumann, German Minister of State for Culture, who will introduce the conference. The coffee break and cocktail break have been designed to permit discussions and debate around a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne or just to take a break! [...]

[...] The prices were not indicated in the web site so the University of Bright People have tried to make an estimation with that source: A huge conference center in Berlin also specializes in catering. The Variable Costs: expenses which change in proportion to the activity of a business The transport expenses have been calculated for the three key speakers: each The coffee break has been calculated for the 350 delegates, for the three days: 2520 The gift (pens and papers) for around 400 persons are evaluated to be (French gift company prices: THIVARD) The communication (Flyers, Programs) for around 1500 persons are estimated to be (French printing company prices: IMPRIMERIE VASTILLE) The participation to the delegates fees: for 350 delegates, ?5250 INCOMES DESCRIPTION in TOTAL OF INCOME 30600 COSTS DESCRIPTION in FIXED COSTS expenses that do not change in proportion to the activity of a business administration VARIABLE COSTS expenses that change in proportion to the activity of a business TOTAL OF COSTS 29070 SURPLUS 1530 THE EVENT BUDGET TABLE MARKETING PLAN (Sources used to make this marketing plan: EventScotland & Isobel Doole and Robin Lowe & Guy Freedman & Emma Wood, 2006) GANTT DIAGRAM: MARKETING PLAN Jan Feb Mar representation of all the conferences Purpose Profit-Generating Non-Profit Not for profit organizations Academic / Multipurpose venues Lead Time Short lead time Long lead time Long lead time delegates For who? [...]

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