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Conflict resolution and management across cultures

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  1. Introduction
  2. II. How does a manager cope with cultural diversity to surmount and even benefit from the variety of national cultures in their team?
    1. Methodology
    2. Findings in management
  3. The way to resolve conflicts in cross cultural management
  4. Conclusion

A conflict may be defined as a perception of opposing interests. In business, such as in the today's life, conflicts involve scarce resources, goals, procedures etc. No culture is immune from conflict. The only change is the perception of the conflict: in the US business's conflicts the emotional charge is less important than in a Middle- eastern country. Also in a global context, the probability of misunderstanding due to cultural differences is to be taken into account. The multinational firms are highly confronted by such issues. The stake for these firms is to develop the know-how in managing across cultures to get the best for themselves and when conflicts are triggered, things which can't be avoided, having the competencies to resolve them! So what is the stake behind the know-how in managing across cultures for firms? And what about resolving the conflicts in such a context?

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