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Corporate diversity and management

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  1. Diversity management in question
  2. Definition
  3. What necessity for the company?
    1. First argument
    2. Second argument
  4. How to conceive a true culture of diversity in a company: an answer from research
  5. Prepare the company to welcome diversity in all its forms by changing mentalities
  6. Putting in place a pro-diversity culture
  7. The first step in installing a culture of diversity is to bring attention to it
  8. Next step: develop a vision of diversity and its consequences in the way the company works
  9. Re-thinking the key principles of management, which means transpose the vision developed into principles we can apply to the company business
  10. Internal systems and processes need to be adapted

One of the main challenges companies have to face is with regard to the management of a multicultural workforce in the general context of increasing globalization. The potential benefits of such diversity, when properly used, have been widely recognized and numerous companies have tried or are trying to build internal structures allowing the inclusion of such diversity and exploring its full potential. These initiatives are classified under the name of "diversity management". There is also abundant literature dedicated to this phenomenon and thus is a sure clue of its complexity. By nature, any company is susceptible to welcome employees who are different from one another. In this essay, we determine the interest that they can find in the development of an operation of a diversity management system.

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