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Cost-efficient Business Management

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  1. Introduction
    1. There are various thoughts about how to become efficient in business relations.
  2. Origins
    1. VOIP technology originated with a group of Israeli hobbyists
    2. ATA, or an analog telephone adaptor
    3. IP phone sets are the newest development within VOIP
  3. Going from landline to VOIP
  4. The international scale
  5. The Pros and Cons of VOIP
  6. VOIP has quickly gained dominance in an international sense, especially with a history that originated only in 1995

Cost-efficient business management is on the tip of the mind for many business owners across the world. It does not matter whether the business in question is a corporation employing several thousand team members or a start-up in a local community with just a few over the counter employees; becoming efficient and increasing productivity is a business requirement, not a luxury.

There are various thoughts about how to become efficient in business relations. Most executives tie finances into the efficiency equation, meaning a money saving strategy is an efficient business practice. Saving time is also considered a stimulus for increased productivity and efficiency. With these two intangibles acting as incentives for business professionals it makes sense that they have turned toward voice over technology to replace their existing telephone interaction.

[...] The Index is a compiled data source that calculates rankings according to their use of new technologies; VOIP is one of the developmental calculations How does this tide over to business applications? Officials of the World Economic Forum caution the United States about this issue because governmental organizations and businesses, small and large, are too in their ways', so to speak, and too regulated within a complex set of governmental guidelines International businesses, on the other hand, have more freedom and openness in trying new practices. [...]

[...] Business professionals who complain about VOIP typically grumble about the lack of phone capabilities, or basically the short supply of unsecured wireless networks. Airports usually have easy connections; coffee shops tend to have routers in the vicinity and most business complexes are outfitted with wireless capabilities so while they're not impossible to find, it can often be more difficult then finding cell phone service. The range of use for VOIP is another questionable concept that business professionals don't usually worry about but should still be aware of. [...]

[...] In other words a business is not paying separate amounts for several lines that are unnoticeably discounted. For a corporation that has customer service lines and employee extensions a phone system can add up quickly, VOIP drops this cost without losing productivity. Price pros also exclude the charges for tolls (sometimes these even take place with intra- office phone calls) as well as the need for continuous bill pay. VOIP packages often come with a set yearly price so surprise bills aren't even a possibility. [...]

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