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Cultural differences in management

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Intercultural management: Fundamental concepts.
  3. Integration of cultural differences in the intra and inter-company relations in the context of world economy.
  4. Management strategies of international companies.
    1. Implantation strategies and company culture.
    2. Mono-cultural and Multi-cultural strategy.
    3. Mixed strategy.
  5. Inter-company negotiations.
    1. Generalities on negotiations.
    2. The case of the Middle-East.
    3. The case of Republic of South Africa.
    4. The US and France.
    5. The differences between Americans and Africans.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Sources.
  8. Annexes.

As we have come to a world of economic globalization, more and more companies are working in an international approach. Globalization incites a multitude of situations and intercultural relations. The company is therefore faced with an assimilation of a lot of knowledge on the countries where it tries to establish itself, on the companies with which it wishes to collaborate and it should practice a management style adapted to the given environment. Moreover, the conscience of our own culture calls out to us when it is in opposition with another. To manage this clash, the company should come to understand the culture and what should be included in the management to arrive at a certain kind of an intercultural management adapted to the current situation. For C. Kluchhohn, culture is ?a structured way of thinking, feeling, and reacting of a human group, acquired and passed on through symbols and which represent their specific identity; it includes solid objects produced by the group. The heart of the culture consists of traditional ideas and values which are linked to it?. More simply, culture is a collection of social structures and artistic, religious and intellectual manifestations which define a group in relation to another group.

[...] The training is in 4 successive stages which alternate theory courses at university (approximately 32 hours of classes per month the first month) and practical in restaurants : - Team development program - Restaurant management - Semi-management - Executive management Team development program : This first step happens in restaurants. The beginners and advanced teams learn the basic workings of the performance of the restaurant, namely quality, service, cleanliness and value, always directed towards the customer. Restaurant management : With what they have learned during the experience in restaurant, McDonald's employees integrate a management team of the restaurant. [...]

[...] The advice and recommendations applicable to a given country are not automatically applicable in another cultural context. Creating a climate of confidence is certainly a laudable intention and very useful anywhere on the planet, but the means to achieve it must be defined in light of local circumstances The Far East Each company operates in a particular environment, within which exchanges rest implicitly or explicitly based on assumptions. In a context of inter- company relations firms that are very close and many, it is essential for professionals to understand these cultural differences. [...]

[...] The cultural lock doesn't shift so easily The NRP was not so easily digested in the beginning: the bosses have grumbled, the same questions have repeated for three months. But once everything is understood, it works. We can all the same list a few cultural ?blunders?: Absence of Ghosn at the ceremony of greeting suppliers (he was in Brazil) which was felt as a lack of respect, and he had to make amends. Ghosn presented his plan to suppliers before being offered the floor. [...]

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