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Description of the business unit in its geographical, commercial and organizational context: Auchan

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  1. Analysis and presentation of the specific profile of the company and establishment of key strategic objectives of the company for international expansion
    1. The Profile
    2. Main goals for international expansion
  2. Choice of selection criteria for countries that are most appropriate for the profile of our business and our strategic objectives.
    1. The cultural criterion
    2. The economic criterion
    3. The geographical criterion
    4. The legal context
  3. Application of the criteria chosen to compare the terms offered by the three countries, and choosing the best country for your project.
    1. The economy
    2. The geography
    3. The legal context
    4. The cultural criterion
  4. Choosing the best country
  5. Description of the profile chosen market against our strategic objectives
    1. The economy
    2. Legal Factor
    3. The Culture
    4. The geography
  6. Establishing the best market entry strategy
  7. Future Development Strategy
    1. Focused on customers
    2. Looking to the staff
    3. Oriented techniques and energy

Auchan Schweighouse is a public limited company of the Mulliez group directed by Theron Benoit. It engages in retail business; the company sells all kinds of items, food and non- food products at discounted price (e.g. ticketing, fuel, etc); the wide choice and diversity of supply along with adaptation to local consumption patterns and quality of customer service are the motto of this group. This French group was founded by Gerard Mullen and was directed by him until 2006.

The 4 constituent activities are real estate (Immochan: subsidiary group responsible for managing housing stock), banking (Bank Accord: a subsidiary of Auchan Group, which specializes in consumer credit, electronic banking and management of payment cards), 422 hypermarkets (27.6 billion euros in 2006, i.e. 78% of turnover of group) and 714 supermarkets (6.7 billion Euros in 2006, i.e., 19% of turnover of group) in 12 countries up to 31/05/2008.

- 1961: Birth of Auchan with Gerard Mullen (first store in Roubaix)
- 1967: First discount format hypermarket
- 1971: Development of the brand at national level
- 1981: Start of internationalization (creating Alcampo Spain)
- 1996: Auchan to double its size
- Since 1997: strong development of internationalization (attempted in the United States)
- 2004: reorganization of the group into four divisions: hypermarkets, supermarkets, Banque Accord and Immochan.
- 2006: Vianney Mulliez (nephew) succeeded Gerard Mullenas as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group.

Auchan Group as a whole recorded a turnover of 35 billion euros before tax in 2006 and 36.7 billion in 2007.
- Knowing that Auchan affects average one in five households, the penetration rate is about 22.2%.
- 186,000 employees in 8 countries (hold 13% stake in the group)

The group, based in Roubaix, has expanded its scope by locating stores in:
- Western Europe (France, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal)
- Eastern and Central Europe (Poland, Hungary, Russia, Romania)
- Asia (China, Taiwan)

Tags: Main operational activities of Auchan Schweighouse, Internationalization strategy of Auchan, Diversity of supply of Auchan

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