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Discussion with a manager of an organization

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  1. Which is the time span of planning in the company you are managing?
  2. How do these time spans of planning relate to the market conditions?
  3. Which is the prevalent decision-making model that you adopt in your company?
  4. Why did you choose these kinds of models and which are the consequences?
  5. What would cause environmental uncertainty for your company?
  6. How does the organization cope with environmental uncertainty by its policies and strategies?
  7. How would you define strategic thinking in your own opinion?
  8. Taking this definition into consideration, does your organization think strategically, or some other, revolute, models are in place?
  9. How do all these elements, planning, decision-making, policies and strategies, input to the organization's success?
  10. What do you mean by 'success' in your organization?

XXX is a commercial company, established in 1994. The company has, as a main object of activity, the distribution of construction materials, with 3 warehouses in Olt county. The juridical form of the company is a limited liability company, with a social capital of 100,000 RON, having 2 associate owners with equal rights and contributions to the registered capital. The executive and administrative responsibilities go to the 2 associates who are also the managers of the company. At the time being, the company has 45 employees with labor contract for an undetermined period. From the beginning until the present, the activity of the company has increased and diversified continuously, a fact which is also reflected by the financial results gained, meaning a constant increase in the turnover, respectively (in the last 3 years). Today, the company has stable traditional relationships with its business partners, either suppliers, such as Lafarge Romcim S.A. Bucharest, ElPreco S.A. Craiova, etc. or clients, such as Pirelli-Cables and Systems S.A. Slatina, Alro S.A. Slatina, etc. For the future, the company pursues the constant increase of the volume of activity and its diversity, as well as a rise in the quality of the services offered and the implementation of different programs regarding the achievement of an efficient and effective activity of the company. In order to get a better view on the management approach of the company, I decided to interview the general manager.

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