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E-Business: Market entry strategy for Skype in Morocco

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  1. The new economy
    1. Strategy and the new economy of information
    2. The power of virtual integration
    3. The role of globalization
  2. The Skype Company
    1. A disruptive technology
    2. The marketing strategy
  3. Future challenge of Skype
  4. How could Skype enter the market?
    1. The individual market
    2. The professional market

E-Business : Market entry strategy for Skype in Morocco (titre original) Since the integration of internet and new technologies of information and telecommunication in the every day life of companies, huge opportunities had appeared. These opportunities are even more important since the new technologies are available to the final consumer. It has dramatically enlarged possibilities of communication and the number of business that could build their core activities around these technologies. The revolution had begun among companies. The new technologies of information and communication allows businesses to reach more people, every where in the world. It had enlarged their business area and the number of potential customers. The scale in planning a business had been review. For B to B activities, the new technologies allow faster information, available anywhere with the same quality, without loss whatever the distance between two of them.

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