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Employee Commitment: A comparison between theory and business reality

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ING Group Greece - Sidma SA - Telesis Securities
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  1. Abstract
  2. Theoretical approach
  3. Famous quotes about employee commitment
  4. How would you define employee commitment?
  5. Do employees get motivated mostly with financial rewards or with appraisals?
  6. Does attendance to meetings enhance employee commitment?
  7. Conclusions
  8. References

This practicum field project is the result of an interview conducted with the Group Strategic Analyst of ING Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.* The goal of this project is to compare the views of a prominent executive with the theoretical approach provided by famous scholars about employee commitment. So, the goal is to compare theory to business reality.
The above individual possesses profound academic background and diverse working experience. He possesses the managerial position of Group Strategic Analyst for the last ten years and he has contributed significantly to ING Group.

[...] Moreover, theory states that motivation should come from within so that a natural connection exists between the person and the action. This natural motivation energizes people by satisfying their basic needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, recognition and self-esteem (Kotter, 1999). Do committed employees have better attendance records and longer job tenure than those with a weak commitment? Group Strategic Analyst believes that individuals go to organizations with certain needs, desires and skills and expect to find an environment where they can utilize their abilities and feel that they are part of something larger and greater than them. [...]

[...] There is no goal without commitment and no commitment without a cause. K. Gaertner Commitment is higher among employees who S. Nollen believe they are being treated as resources to be developed rather than commodities to buy and sell. Questionnaire How would you define employee commitment? Group Strategic Analyst defines employee commitment as the intention to perform within structures that are not strictly defined by organizational framework. Employees are willing to take the extra mile at workplace being motivated by their involvement in the decision making. [...]

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