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Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Management

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  1. Entrepreneurial leadership involves the emphasis placed on the use of design thinking
  2. According to Sheila Moorcroft, 2025 is just over ten years away, and there are a lot of changes expected to happen
  3. Ben Shaw's Vets First Choice venture can appropriately be applied in the scenario because of its company culture and leadership values
  4. Leadership values in this context are defined as the important elements that positively influence how a venture operates
  5. As the world begins to realize looming shortages of water, stakeholders, companies and investors care about the risk posed by global this issue
  6. Alliance for Water Stewardship is a stakeholder company that drives collective responses of water scarcity risks
  7. There are various implications or issues that the entrepreneurial leader needs to consider in order create a viable and sustainable stakeholder network
  8. With the above mentioned issues, stakeholder network value can be realized in terms of revenue enhancement
  9. There are various social media platforms that can be used to raise awareness concerning water scarcity issues and create new innovations

Entrepreneurial leadership involves the emphasis placed on the use of design thinking, corporate social responsibility and business ethics with an aim of providing suitable solutions to problems. Business ethics focuses on the creation of long term organizational cultures by determining the right and wrong while considering, societal, legal and environmental perspectives. This means that entrepreneurial leadership should entail dynamic thinking in order to make informed decisions (Goossen & Stevens, 2013). Decisions are necessary for the growth of any venture since they determine how the venture will be operated.

[...] Discussion boards or forums such as Lefora and vBulletin can also be essential in creating new innovations with stakeholders. The discussion forums are online platforms that enable engagement between members of the community or society. The also offer options that allows people to give advice. With such a platform, entrepreneurs can engage in productive discussions with stakeholders concerning water shortage issues. In conclusion, success of entrepreneurial leadership can be measured in terms of values, corporate social responsibility and critical thinking. [...]

[...] Furthermore, innovation plays a vital role in the growth and sustainability of any venture. For example, innovation and utilization of business opportunities ensures sustained stakeholder network. Therefore, innovation and leadership values discussed above can help in solving global issues such as water scarcity. References Goossen, R.J., & Stevens, R.P. (2013). Entrepreneurial Leadership: Finding Your Calling, Making a Difference. Illinois: InterVarsity Press. Mind Tools. What are Your Values? Retrieved from Moorcroft, S. (2014, May 20). 2025-a very different world: are you ready? [...]

[...] Retrieved from a-very-different-world--are-you-ready- Sarni, Will. (15 July 2011) Ways Companies Can Address Their Water Scarcity Risks. Retrieved from their-water-scarcity-risks Thompson, J.L. (2010). The World of the Social Entrepreneur. The International Journal of Public Sector Management, 413. [...]

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