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Essay on business ethics

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the difference between the fairtrade and the ethical trade?
  3. What moral responsibility do consumers in the UK have to purchase such products?
  4. Is it morally justifiable to ask all consumers to broaden their purchase criteria to include ethical considerations?
  5. Conclusion

The fair-trade is a social movement and a commercial partnership, which obeys to various social standards, economic and environmental standards aiming at improving the situation of the producers who adhere to it. The movement privileges the North-south trades, quite particularly in the food sectors and the raw materials, and also in the crafts. The initiative of fair-trade aims at modifying in depth the commercial practices and of consumption by proposing an alternate model of production and organization protecting the rights of the producers and the marginalized workers. The dealers of fair-trade make the promotion of the democracy; the transparency and the respect for human rights about objectives defined by the producers. Production costs are determined by the economic costs, but also by the human, social and environmental production costs.

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