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Feasibility Project : Kindness for a Homeless

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Nowadays, precarious situations in France are more and more frequent. Unfortunately, French streets welcomed more than 141.400 homeless people in 2014. Helped by charities and refuges, it doesn't allow all of them to be supported. Moreover, the French affirm to be less willing to give money to tramps. In fact, 11% of the undergraduates at Ieseg feel too much solicited. However, 72% of whom were asked said they feel sorry when they see a tramp but 96% of them declare not giving money more than « sometimes » as you can see in the graph below. Thus, so as to help homeless people going through living in misery, we decided to build our feasibility project on a charity action, more precisely we want to aid homeless by distributing food packs in the streets. To set up our project, we need to involve as many people as possible in the school, and our survey clarified the way it could be held.

[...] Before even talking about budget, we need to describe how many homeless we aim to support. To begin with we would prepare 20 food packs per session. We need 2 kilos of pastas/rice for the dishes, about 6 cakes baked for the occasion baguettes and also 20 water bottles. In order to support these costs, we count 50?. At the beginning, we start with only few packs because one of our main weaknesses is the lack of infrastructures. In fact, the issue of preparing more packs comes from the fact that we need a room to deal with the dividing of the food prepared and we obviously can't settle in a classroom. [...]

[...] If you are willing to help us preparing and distributing the packs, how often would you be able to participate? 10. When do you prefer helping us? 11. Would you be ready to help us raising funds? 12. What do you think of our project? 13. Do you think this project is feasible? = you are dreaming ; 9 = hell yes ) 14. Do you have any remarks or suggestions to submit ? [...]

[...] If you have, what cause this charity fights for? 5. How do you feel when you see a homeless person? 6. Do you give money to homeless people? 7. How do you think homeless people spend the money they are given? 8. Our project consists in raising funds to buy, cook and prepare food packs in order to give them to homeless people in the streets, stations or parks. Would you be willing to help us by . ? 9. [...]

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