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How culture affects the style of management in Mexico?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Economy.
    1. Key figures.
    2. Immigration.
    3. Emigration.
    4. International trade.
    5. Free trade agreements.
  3. Culture.
    1. Language.
    2. Time.
    3. Behavior.
    4. Lunch customs.
    5. Fashion.
  4. How culture affects work in Mexico?
    1. Cultural patterns.
    2. Work features.
    3. Management comparisons: Summary.
  5. Grupo Financiero Inverlat analysis.
    1. Context.
    2. The communication challenge.
    3. Evolutions and changes.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

How to deal with our new intercultural world? Is it possible to act in the same way with everybody? Should we try to adapt to each country to be successful? What would it involve for companies if it's not done? All these questions are current issues in the globalisation world. To do business with another country is not just a matter of investments, trade agreements and 3 days business trips. You must know the history, the economy, the culture and the main patterns of this country. What I tried to do in this report is to explain how culture affects the style of management in Mexico. Why Mexico? First, because it's the 13th economic country in the world, and moreover a growing country (according to Golmansachs review of emerging economies, by 2050 Mexico will be the 6th largest economy in the world behind China, USA, India, Japan and Brazil). Doing business with Mexico with thus soon begin essential for any country. Secondly because after my internship in Mexico last year, I was surprised to notice that some of my first thoughts were true, but should be completed by deeper inspection.

[...] Inverlat and BNS culture In Canada, BNS was considered the bank with the most stringent financial control systems of the country, with a tough system of policies and controls. Inverlat executives, on the other hand, were accustomed to almost complete autonomy with little or no control imposed on their spending. An early example experienced in the bank was a new policy implemented by BNS management to control gifts received by managers from clients. Some Mexican managers took offence at the imposition of an arbitrary limit. [...]

[...] Results The results and analysis of this experience was positive: the Canadian directors felt that the Canadian team had been relatively successful. Many managers referred to this period as the ?Honeymoon stage?. It was generally felt that the situation would intensify as managers looked for results from the restructured organization and as staff reductions became a reality. The management between these two cultures learnt a lot of patterns to each part and the only thing now is to see how it will evolve Conclusion Mexico is a developing country which will become in several years [...]

[...] During times of conflict, they tend to identify with their ?in-group,' rather than the entire organization, because they prefer social networks based on friendship. When multinational managers behave abusively, workers immediately organize unions and confront the company. Advices for HR From a social perspective, putting workers and their families at the center of any additional benefits that the company provides seem to be the best way to deal with Mexican employees. The Human Resources staff should thus try to satisfy workers' basic needs, to assure their success, providing job stability and stronger labor-management relations. [...]

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