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How do we allocate time to manage risk ? - 'Resource Response Time'

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  1. The evolution of the Risk Management
    1. The beginning of risk management
    2. Competitive advantage
    3. Regulatory development
  2. The weight of the ERM for shareholders
    1. The risk management approach has four categories of objectives
    2. The eight components
  3. Implementing ERM
    1. The bottom up process
    2. Management of inventories
    3. Cash flow
    4. Aggregating risks.
    5. Measuring risks
  4. Enterprise risk management process and its different applications
    1. ERM impact on management practices
    2. Organizational objectives for pursuing ERM
    3. Limitations of ERM; five factors influence the quality of ERM
    4. Ideal ERM structure
  5. The allocation of time to minimize risk
    1. The GANTT chart
    2. The PERT chart

How do we allocate time to manage risk? Risk management began in companies through the evaluation of insurance. It has evolved through time, evolved till it emerged as what is now called Enterprise Risk Management. This is now described as a real competitive advantage for a company to handle its internal and external environment, to prevent from difficulties, and be more valuable. It is, above all a great advantage for shareholders thanks to the discipline built around the risk/ return's notion. With the risk management practice have appeared the regulatory organizations. These organisms define the framework of how risk management could be applied in companies in many domains like the financial one. ERM has now evolved into a very specific discipline and can be analyzed through different point of view. The first among these are its objectives, which focus the application of the risk management to reach the appropriate results for the company. There are also eight other components that are described as part of the enterprise risk management process.

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