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How structure, culture and strategy are closely linked in organisations ? What implications does this have for modern organisations?

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  1. Strategy -Culture - Structure: The necessary 3 summits of a triangle
    1. The Hard Elements
    2. The Soft Elements
  2. Consequences of the links strategy-culture-structure
  3. Critics: Some difficulties and solutions
    1. Structure and complexity
    2. Organisational learning as solution to incoherencies within strategy, culture and structure
    3. Scenario building, strategy planning safe-guard?

Successful Organizations are those who make good use of their culture and their structure and integrate them into any strategic planning. Strategy is in fact, the cornerstone to competitiveness and success. It is a direction and scope towards a long-term advantage and sustaining competitiveness, even in an uncertain environment. So defined, strategy needs a culture, to be adopted and accepted and a structure where it can be applied successfully. As spot by Guvenc and Caroll (1995), culture and strategy are known as keys to changes. Considering an Organization as a whole, 'Johnson and Scholes' (2002) shows that strategic choices and their implementations versus their formulation involve the Organization's own culture of management, and internal structure. Consequently, strategy, culture and structure seem to be linked. This study will stress on how they are bound. Therefore, in the following lines, we will respectively demonstrate the possible connection between strategy and culture, then culture and structure, the consequences of Strategy-culture-structure dichotomy on an Organizations success. How these connections constitute as a major concern in todays Organizations? At the end of this study, we will raise criticisms and suggestions implying scenarios of the above trio mould.

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