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In any large organization, team work is the ultimate key to success

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  1. Definition of teamwork
  2. Teamwork maintains the organization unified
  3. Teamwork determines the success of an organization

Applied at workplaces, teamwork can be defined as a co-ordinated effort from a group of people acting together towards a specific business purpose. In large organizations, individuals play certain roles and carry out certain responsibilities, which are determined in advance. Each task is accomplished by a specialized team, which allows the organization to be more productive in the execution of daily tasks. This idea concurs to what Adam Smith advocated: he believed that the organization of a business in specialized teams or the division of labor as he called it - was the ultimate key to a business success.

[...] In any large organization, team work is the ultimate key to success Today, there is a diversity of organizations and they evolve in a very competitive environment. The competition is played on every single field of the business: productivity, number of customers, human resources management, etc. One could argue that only the measurable factors are valuable. However, one should not under estimate the power of intangible resources such as human resources, teamwork, technology, research and brand image. Amongst these factors, teamwork plays one of the most prominent roles in the success of an organization. [...]

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