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In which extent could stress be managed effectively?

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  1. Context presentation: the stress and pressure period
    1. The problem
    2. The way I perceived the situation
  2. Individual behaviour analysis: emotional management & skills necessary to reach objectives
    1. My emotional labour: how I more or less succeeded to hide my feeling
    2. Stress and coping resources theory: how my personal resources made me face stress and pressure
  3. Group behavior analysis: Group dynamics and conflict management
    1. Group dynamics: stress & pressure facilitate member individualization in a group
    2. Conflict management: how to moderate conflicts effects in a group and preserve the group dynamic
  4. Organizational behaviour: how to manage organizational stress
    1. Internal communication facilitates stress wide-spreading
    2. Effects of stress
    3. Impact of stress on the organisation
    4. Stress management: how to struggle against organizational stress

Working for a long period of time, lack of time achieve daily targets and accomplish the set objectives, aggressive and demanding customers are some factors which put employees under stress. According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in every 3rd employee is affected by stress. Stress is also considered as s problem associated with health. Thus, stress at the office can and must be perceived as a stake in public health and that is why I chose this subject for my analysis. Indeed, during my internship, I have been confronted to many stress periods and I more or less succeeded in managing them, owing to my individual behavior and approach towards stress.

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