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  1. Introduction.
  2. Presentation of the company
    1. Description and history of
    2. Swot analysis.
  3. Porter's five forces analysis.
  4. Business information systems.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. References.

Business managers are moving from a tradition where they could avoid, delegate, or ignore decisions about IT to one where they cannot create a marketing, product, international, organizational, or financial plan that does not involve such decisions.
There are as many ways to use information technology in business, as there are business activities to be pursued. As a business end user, you should have a basic understanding and appreciations of the major ways information systems are used to support each of the functions of business. Thus, in this assignment we will discuss business information systems, that is, a variety of types of information systems (transaction processing, management information, decision support, etc) that support the business functions of accounting, finance, marketing, operations management and human resource management. In this assignment, first of all, I will make a presentation of the company and its history. We will see in this part the changes of from its early first-mover advantage through to the technology bubble crash in 2000, the introduction of a cost discipline, and its eventual emergence to what seems to be a profitable company.

[...] In creating this potential powerhouse of shopping services and offerings, looks to be moulding itself into not simply a Wal-Mart of the Web but rather a next-generation, retail commerce portal. Imagine a customized site where, through a Junglee-like shopping service, you will not only shop easily with a trusted brand for books, videos, gifts and more, but you will also research the features, price and availability of millions of products from a single store-front that has Amazon's (and your) name on it. [...]

[...] a major factor to Amazon's success Geographical diversity Diverse selection of merchandise First mover advantage Successfully marketed Easier to make ads and promotion on the website (on the homepage in order to attract the customer) Large target market Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Information Technology support Amazon's business strategy Amazon is a huge global brand External Analysis What opportunities are present in the market place? What threats? OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Enormous growth potential All successful Internet businesses International presence w/o attract competition Investments in bricks and mortar EBay, other book retailers The size, speed and growth rate of Declining industry the Internet. [...]

[...] There is already a significant amount of rivalry in the industry with three major players: - - - was the first to market the idea of selling books online on a huge scale. The other followed suit, but had already conceded market share in terms of the customers that had obtained. A list of the significant competitors for is given below. ( Online retailers of books such as and ( Publishers, wholesalers and other physical book store chains and super stores, many of which possess significant brand awareness, sales volume and customer bases. [...]

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