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Inventory management - A presentation

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  1. Inventory defined
  2. Types of inventories
  3. Functions of inventories
  4. Why manage inventory
  5. Effective inventory management
  6. Inventory costs
  7. Classification system: ABC approach/analysis
  8. Model 1: Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
    1. How much to order?
    2. EOQ learning exercise 1
  9. Model 2: Production Order Quantity
    1. Quantity discount models
  10. Conclusion

This presentation is based on inventory management and will cover points like definitions and various aspects of inventory management. It will also cover points like types of inventories, the function of the inventory and why you need to manage your inventory. It will then move on talking about effective ways of managing the inventory along with providing some information on the different models of inventory management. It will then cover inventory costs and classification. The presentation will end with the detailed examination of points like Production Order Quantity and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ.

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