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Knowledge management according to Castells

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  1. Introduction.
  2. General ideas of Castells.
  3. Social aspects.
  4. Political aspect.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. References.

In this report you will find things that I learned about Manuel Castells. First I would like to introduce this author. I think it is important to know who he is. After that it should be easy to understand his thought about knowledge. Manuel Castells was born in Spain in 1942. At school, he started to do politics in integrate a student movement against Franco. When he was 20, he went to Paris to finish his degree and to flee government's repression. After his studies of sociology, he became a teacher in France. He stayed in France until 1979 and after to go in California, USA to become a research professor. During his life, he wrote nearly twenty books. In the beginning, he chose to speak and analyze urban sociology. At this moment, his political opinion was Marxist. These ideas held great importance during his life. At the end of 80's, Castells changed his mind and decided to work on the social transformations. In 1996, he published ?the rise of the network society?.

[...] These three points are, according to Castells, the three dimensions which allow defining a society. As the information age changed these three points, Castells maintains that society come in a new period. This is the revolution of information. He said also that in more of these dimensions, we can find a fourth: social dynamic. The four points represent constraints for governments. They have to manage these points to stabilize the society. Information is now in the center of global society. [...]

[...] Generals ideas of Castells According to this sociologist, the society was changed since 70's with the apparition of computers. At the beginning, the USA wanted to develop a new way of communication to have more power on the world. These three books explain that global society has changed on this point. It comes in the network society. The period is characterized by the development of the communication between countries or firms all around the world. It was the beginning of a new way of production and of course a change for social relationship. [...]

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