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Managing Ethics

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  1. Social capital, ethical values influences in building reputation for success
    1. Theoretical approach of Social capital
    2. Rising expectations from the Market/ a real based analysis
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility and managerial ethical decisions
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  3. Critical assessment of tools used by managers to ensure ethical and socially responsible decision making
    1. Implementing CSR in decision making
    2. What benefits can managers find in implementing CSR
    3. Limits and Suggestions for managers when dealing with CSR
    4. Additional tools for more driven effective management ethical decision

Consumers growing societal and ethical concern has lead them to primarily focus on a company's social performance, when deciding which one to favour with their spending. Managers, of a growing number of western large scale organizations are aware of this consumer position towards their businesses and brands, and seem determined to consider it in their decisions. According to Hosmer (1994), ethics must be integrated to a planning process because it brings trust to internal and external firms stakeholders. By generating commitment, managers ensure co-operative, innovative and 'strategically directed efforts' and then enhance long term success. Thus, the reason why social capital should be described as a pillar of a company's success might be its social network aspect, its need for reciprocity and credibility in society. Working on a corporate image could bring economic benefits by offering a new competitive advantage valued by consumers. But, one point of view in this discussion will be to prove that such a social orientated strategic tool will only be successful if applied in the long term. This essay will argue why businesses have to consider ethical values as a major factor for long-term success and work on social capital aspects. How managers can apply Corporate Social Responsibility in any decision they undertake? Whether or not ethical and social responsibilities are the ways for designing future strategies for success?

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