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Moroccan company's brand management : Bigdil

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  1. The brand attributes
    1. Name
    2. Logo
    3. Messaging
    4. Concept
    5. Merchandise
    6. Design
    7. The target consumer
  2. Current brand equity
  3. Target audience
  4. Brand promise
  5. Competing brands
  6. Brand positioning statement
  7. Ideas

Bigdil is a network of stores specialized in the distribution and marketing of accessories and jewelry for women and girls. The brand has been a leader in Morocco for several years, but with an unfavorable economic context, the brand knows the failure and its stores begin to close one by one.
This brand marked my adolescence as well as a large majority of Moroccan women, and seeing it disappeared tears my heart. And as I am now a consultant for the modern marketing agency "boom" who has been instructed to help modernize brands, I will do my best to raise the brand to be successful.

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