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NTIC - Integration of the NTIC on the Communication and Consequences in the Organization

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  1. Integration of the NTIC on the Communication
    1. E-administration
    2. The Recruitment
    3. Training
    4. Knowledge management
    5. Communication
  2. Consequences of the NTIC in the organization
    1. In the Organisation
    2. On the Employees

For international organizations, the main skill is to control the flow of information and communication. The word "information" leads us to facts and data. For example, how many permanent or fixed-term contracts does my organization have? In this case the goal is to have the most reliable information in the shortest time. In addition, the word "information" leads us to the knowledge about a topic. To have information enables an organization to improve its knowledge management. Indeed, the word "information" leads us to the facts and to the analysis of facts. Communication is the transmission of information. Communication enables an organization to share information, values, ideas with its staff. Communication develops social connections in an organization. Theses aspects remind us of the new challenges of human resources with the NTIC. Today, the human resources function is split between countries and subsidiaries with globalization. Organizations must adapt themselves to this phenomenon.

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