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Operational framework for the DRNC Convention

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  1. The operational framework should be designed in a way to cater for all emergency situations that may happen within the precincts of the venue.
  2. Personnel from the homeland security in charge of intelligence should be involved at every step of planning the event
  3. Clearly, resistance of occurrence of an emergency situation should be the focus of the event planners
  4. Creating a positive relationship between the protestors in the event and the law enforcement agencies in the venue should be done
  5. Taking on board all stakeholders in the locale of the event is very critical for the success of any event of emergence response

The threats that political party meetings entail requires the planning for a proper operational framework for emergency management. The emergency response framework should consider the potential sources of threat, particularly the risk of attack arising from the crowds of protestors who always flock such nationally critical meeting. Intelligence gathering should be done before and during the convention to identify any threat in order to implement appropriate security measures.

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[...] In such regard, this paper entails the operational framework for the DRNC Convention. Introduction A convention of the Democratic and Republican National Committees requires the exercise of stringent security measures. The threat of terrorism has increased greatly in the post 9/11 era, prompting the need for proper planning of events that may be targeted. Indeed, the September 11 attacks made the George Bush administration adopt a security focused emergency management at the national level, while also encouraging the adoption of the same at state and local levels of emergency management (Haddow, Bullock & Coppola, 2014). [...]

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