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PepsiCo 2007: Strategies to increase shareholder value

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  1. Fast food acquisitions
  2. Quaker Oats acquisition
  3. Acquisitions after 2001
  4. Strategy
    1. Strategy organization
    2. 2006 revenue contributions
    3. Competition in soft drink arena
    4. Response results
    5. Non carbonated beverages
  5. PepsiCo international
  6. PepsiCo: Value chain alignment between PepsiCo brands and products
  7. Investment priorities

This presentation takes a look at the history of Pepsico. It covers some of the key points in the evolution of Pepsico as a company. It will cover points like fast food acquisitions and Quaker Oats acquisition. It will also cover points like the strategy, revenue contributions, competition in soft drink arena and non carbonated beverages. It also covers the value chain alignment and ends with investment priorities.

[...] PepsiCo: Value Chain Alignment b/w PepsiCo Brands and Products PepsiCo had implemented a strategy to focus on streamlining the way it carries out its business. It aims to capture strategic benefits through out its business line. It has done this in a variety of ways, including the consolidation of its purchasing, sales, market functions and product manufacture, all in an effort to bring down costs and to increase efficiency in the company. The implementation of this strategy has lead to significant cost savings in PepsiCo's many divisions. [...]

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