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Research work for personal development: supply chain management, logistics...

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I am interested in the supply chain management, logistics, but also in the purchase. In the future, I would like to work in these areas that have an interconnected network. I took advantage of having to do these interviews to focus more about what I am interested in. So I decided to seek in the Graduated directory available for the students of Neoma, and to pick up information of people who were currently working in the purchase, supply chain fields and logistics fields.

I have good expectancies of these interviews and I hope it will help me to know more about the supply chain, the logistics and the purchases. I had preferred to contact students that have studied in Neoma because I feel that I have the same path as them, I begin with the same experience.

[...] The persons I interviewed were very kind and gave me plenty of advices that I will need in the future. They advised me on the good roads to take but also on the bad ones. They are available to answer questions I have and I think they will probably be key factors in my fourth year internship researches. I felt more comfortable with the two girls from Neoma as we are from the same school. They knew how to reassure on the eventual apprehensions I had. [...]

[...] She is also involved in the purchase and supply chain and field. She is currently working in the medical sector and more precisely as a senior sourcing analyst in the orthopaedic implants' production sector in a company named ?Stryker?. Current trends, sector and competition This company designs and produces medical, surgical, reconstructive, neurotechnologic and spine products for all kind of organizations such as state's ones, hospitals, rehabilitations centres, convalescence centres and also for private individuals people. The actual tendency is focused on robots that aim to assist surgeon during an operation. [...]

[...] She was looking for an employment in the purchase in France during 2 months and a half when she finally found one. It was as purchasing administrative assistant (she had to enter all the clients' orders in the system, to plan the deliveries, to take care about a subsidiary in the United States and also to take care of the inventories) in the company ?Biotech Marine? in Pontrieux (France) where she comes from. Unfortunately, this company has been bought by Finally, she changes her plan and took this opportunity to do a master with alternative work and classes. [...]

[...] There are two big parts that represent the main part of her job. The first one is to develop a compliance conformity to the law and norms) within the supply chain (including the suppliers and Nespresso). She has to ensure that the law and the rules are applied in the whole company but before all, she musts develop and expose a process which is the explanation of the way she is going to process that has to be approved by the managers. [...]

[...] The objective doing this kind of recruitment is to get cheap labour but qualified arriving in the labour world. The second recruiting strategy is to enrol mainly local workers from Hong- Kong because those people generally speak a fluent Mandarin Chinese and also English. Speaking both of this languages is key to be part of this company because speaking foreign languages is the key of the communication abroad, and more if you work in a communication agency. This will be easy for the company to be understood by its clients and partners. [...]

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