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Risk management: Risk analysis of the company Gaudin Systemes

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Executive summary.
  3. Program in risk management.
    1. Planning.
    2. Organizing.
    3. Writing.
    4. Risk positioning.
  4. Risk analysis.
    1. Descriptive analysis.
    2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  5. Solution analysis.
    1. Identity.
    2. Quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  6. References.

I have decided to focus my risk analysis on the company Gaudin Systèmes. The core of this analysis is to launch a new line of production in a foreign country, in Algeria. The best thing to do is to analyze the risk of failure in order to sue it. Moreover, the field of this activity is very risky for the employees which are the core of the company. This project is very risky, because if it does not work, the company can close its doors as a lot of money is invested in this project. Furthermore, this project can give a very interesting return on investment for the company, if the objectives are accomplished. So, the best thing to do is to analyze the risk of this project in order to minimize this risk. In order to conclude, we can say that the company Gaudin Systèmes wants to develop its activity at the international level by launching a new line of production in Algeria. The CEO of the company must do a risk analysis in order to know if this project is possible or not. This person is not afraid of the risk and he does not want to lose his company.

[...] The risk have impact on the stakeholders of the company in they are not successful. III Solution analysis 1. Identify Risk to not reach the objectives Solution prevent and anticipate the results and the risks The first solution is to anticipate the results of the company. To begin, the company must do a very good market survey of the possibilities of the country. Then, the company has to keep a margin between the expected return and the point. More this margin will be high more the risk will be low. [...]

[...] Have an insurance to cover the risks, keep financial reserves respect the delays of the project, keep moving margin; Risk employees not enough qualified Exposure: employees, factory workers human capital reputation of the company decrease of the revenues of the company and increase of the costs Perils: Death of factory worker, low efficiency of workers No profitability of the material Company suited Contingent loss, decrease of the revenues Hazards: Trainings for employees Trainings on materials Subscribe insurances Payment plan, take care of the non worked days 2. [...]

[...] After, there is the program of the project, then the risk analysis which is followed by the solution analysis. Moreover, you can find the decision process, the system administration and finally the glossary, where the complicated terms are translated into common words Risk positioning The company and the board have a good willingness to take risk if there is expectancy of good returns. More the project is risky more the want return. More the project is expensive; often more it is risky. [...]

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