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Scope verification and scope control: Integral in project management

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Project scope planning.
  4. Project scope definition.
  5. Creating the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  6. Project scope verification.
  7. Project scope control.
  8. Discussion.
  9. Conclusion.

Project management is an emerging trend in businesses. The traditional hierarchical structure has been deemed obsolete and individuals find themselves belonging to project teams. Increasing emphasis on high-quality, speed-to-market, and outstanding customer satisfaction prompted managers to dissolve the vertical structure in organizational charts. Project managers are responsible for giving direction to all the efforts in the project. They must be able to balance the so-called Triple Constraints of time, resources and technical performance. Unfortunately, few project planners are actually qualified for the demands of the job. They must have proper management training in order to be truly effective. The paper focuses on the product scope management practice. This practice involves project scope planning, project scope definition, creation of the work breakdown structure, project scope verification, and project scope control.

[...] The AMA Handbook of Project Management attributes the peculiarity of projects to the following characteristic: Projects are unique undertakings?once executed, projects are not likely to be repeated often; Projects are composed of interdependent activities?as in all activities, there is a specific beginning and end and projects may be composed interrelated, simultaneous or successive activities; Projects create a quality deliverable?a project is not deemed complete unless its deliverable or development product meets quality standards; projects involve multiple resources?these resources may be human and/or nonhuman which need to be in close coordination with each other; Projects are not synonymous with the products of the project?project refers to the managing all the efforts to achieving the product and not the product itself; Projects are driven by the Triple Constraint?the Triple Constraint also known as the equilibrium among time, technical performance, and resources, must be maintained though there may be one that serves as the main factor in the project. [...]

[...] Because of this fact, in order to be responsive to these demands, project management progressively becomes more and more vital. As a result, businesses are also shifting into project management from the traditional hierarchical management?organizational charts are now team-based structures, as opposed to the time-honoured vertical structure. The employees cease to do the same tasks everyday and tend to have various challenging functions and middle managers are disappearing?the less challenging, repetitive, data gathering work are now given to computers. The people focus on tasks like problem solving, product design, improving the ordering process?afterwards, once the project is completed, it will be shut down. [...]

[...] They are the following: Batching Small Requests?clump together small scope changes requests until a certain limit is reached before going to the sponsors for approval; Project Management Discretion?some discretion may be given to the project manager to make decisions for smaller scope changes; and Scope Change Contingency Budget?there should be a small budget to finance small changes in scope. An external consultant may also be hired as a project scope controller. This person is good for the job because they can contribute the most unbiased evaluation of change requests and they come in the team void of ?preconceived notions or allegiances to people or departments? (Taylor, 1990). [...]

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