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Sephora customer relationships management analysis

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  1. Introduction: Presentation of Sephora brand.
    1. LVMH group.
    2. History of Sephora.
    3. Sephora's structure and organization.
    4. Competition.
    5. Company strategy.
  2. CRM in Sephora.
    1. CRM objectives and strategy.
  3. CRM value chain analysis.
    1. Customer portfolio analysis.
    2. Customer intimacy.
    3. Network development.
    4. Value proposition development.
    5. Manage customer lifecycle.
    6. Leadership.
  4. Conclusion: Limits of Sephora concept.
  5. Sources.

The aim of this paper is to discover how Sephora has developed its power of attraction, the loyalty of its customers and prospects by setting up sophisticated and personalized customer communication strategies. Sephora is a division of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world's leading luxury products group. LVMH luxury brands express the most refined qualities of Western ?Art de Vivre?. The mission of the group is to symbolize the elegance and creativity throughout its products and the culture it represents blending tradition with constant innovation. The philosophy of excellence and innovation at the heart of LVMH reflects directly in the spirit of Sephora. Sephora is the leading retail beauty chain in Europe. The first store was opened in France in 1969. It was a new concept of free access to the products. In 1979, ten new stores were opened in France. Few years later, the stores were bought by the British Boots. In 1994, the company chose the name Sephora for all the stores and in 1997 Sephora was acquired by LVMH. Sephora opened its first US stores in New York in 1998, in Canada in 2004 and has recently expanded in China.

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[...] For example, Sephora sends regular mailing following the RFM segmentation to promote some brands Customer Intimacy Customer Database Development Sephora has launched its loyalty program in 2003 in order to intensify and optimize its customer's relationships. Moreover, thanks to this program, Sephora's aim was to increase its activity in a fast, sustainable and efficient way and regarding the Sephora concept base. Data mining In March 2006, Sephora had 2,4 millions of loyalty card holders in France. The group calls on an external provider: E-laser which is responsible for point's management. [...]

[...] For example, by offering a present for customer's birthday, Sephora increases sales opportunities when the customer comes to the stores to have his present CRM strategy A wide range of services Customers go not only in Sephora to buy a perfume or an accessory, but also to enter in a space consecrated to the beauty and the cares of the body. Even if the Sephora's concept is based on open-sell stores, a wide range of complementary services are available in order to make the customers in a special ambiance: relaxation, beauty care, privilege The gift token: Sephora sell some gift token to the value of or The beauty care diagnosis: the customers can benefit from free personalized skin diagnoses which allow them to have beauty care advices adapted to their needs. [...]

[...] We may also use your information to contact you for account and promotional purposes Network development Network management Sephora was acquired by LVMH, a French luxury conglomerate in 1997. LVMH also owns Givenchy, Dom Perignon, Moet&Chandon, Guerlain, Hard Candy, Urban Decay, and Celine, among other exclusive brands. LVMH has expanded Sephora from less then 60 stores based only in France to 515 stores over Europe, USA and China. Sephora is managed by branch: Sephora Europe, Sephora USA and Sephora China. [...]

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