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The staircase approach at Mckinsey & Company ? To increase competitive advantage

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  1. The resources my Company is implementing
  2. Implementation of the three horizons approach in the Company

McKinsey & Company suggest seven staircases that companies use to grow. In athletic management, improvement is constant since individuals usually join the profession with limited resources and experience, but with visions of greatness. The Athletics management firm that I work for was initially run by the founder, an accredited trainer who quit his job with the national athletics federation to venture into private business. The founder's residence doubled up as the firm's office for several months, but he eventually rented an office after getting a sizeable number of trainees.

[...] Retrieved from Gulati, R., Freeman, K.W., Nolen, G., Tyson, J., Lewis, K.D., & Greifeld, R. (2004, July- August). How CEOs manage growth agendas. Harvard Business Review Hall, S. Lovallo, D. & Musters, R. (2012) How to Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is. McKinsey Quarterly 27-38. [...]

[...] In the first step, the company secures an option based on an opportunity (Bangai, et al., 1996). This is reflected in the company where the management occasionally makes decisions to pursue opportunities in ways that would be most beneficial. For instance, when an opportunity to diversify our services by introducing students' training, we chose to focus on colleges. The decision to try getting into college students training was principally based on the demand that we identified. Following the promise of the first step, the company continually amassed skills and confidence for more steps. [...]

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