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Systems thinking and its role in the development of change management program

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  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluation of Systems Thinking
  3. Stakeholder Interest and Resource Constraints
  4. How New Technologies Drive Change
  5. Evolving Role of Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
  6. Conclusion

Systems thinking is an integral component of managerial decision making. Although systems thinking does not always ensure that success will be garnered with respect to a specific project, it does ensure that managers and stakeholders are able to garner a comprehensive understanding of a problem or issue impacting the organization. Given the importance of systems thinking to the process of managerial decision making it is important to reflect on how this process can be effectively utilized by the organization. Utilizing this as a basis for investigation, this research considers how systems thinking was effective in examining technology change in the Marriott organization. Through a careful examination of how systems thinking can be applied in this situation a more integral understanding of the importance of systems thinking and its importance to the process of managerial decision making will be elucidated.

[...] Stakeholder Interest and Resource Constraints Considering next the issue of stakeholder interests in the development of the Marriott project, it seems reasonable to argue that ?street-level? employees?those that work directly with customers on the phone?would be most impacted by technology change in the organization. With this in mind, it was proposed that comprehensive training and support be provided to these individuals in an effort to improve outcomes from implementing the new technology. Support in the form of training and a culture that embraces the change were seen as critical for the overall success of the project. [...]

[...] When this information in placed in the context of the Marriott organization and the plan for change that has been developed, the importance of systems thinking in this process becomes more evident. Technology drives change; however as Oblinger and Verville report, this change can have significant affects that are not understood or assessed before the initiation of technology change. For the Marriott organization, the need to assess how technology development will spur change is an integral part of ensuring success. [...]

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