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The corporate culture

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  1. Problems.
  2. Summary.
  3. Introduction.
  4. The definition and identification of the corporate culture.
  5. The elements of the corporate culture.
  6. The role of the corporate culture.
  7. The impact and the results of a corporate culture.
  8. The SWOT analysis of the corporate culture.
  9. The effects of a strong corporate culture.
    1. Google corporate.
    2. Disneyland Paris.
  10. Promotion of the corporate culture.
  11. Conclusion.
  12. Sources.

Today, companies need to create and develop their corporate culture to transmit an image and identity. It permits to build a stimulant and attractive environment in the company and the employees feel the affiliation to a group. In this way, firms are more effective, productive, efficient and active. In this paper, we'll see the identification of the corporate culture, its impact, its results and some examples that will illustrate the topic. The corporate culture is the group of rules of a company, the values and the signs shared by all the employees, and the common way to promote them, the ethics, procedures and atmosphere of an organization. The corporate culture is an essential process of managing an organization. Managers have to establish a beneficial corporate culture to run a business, with clear values and beliefs, successful business principles and operations, and an emphasis on human resources and customer satisfaction. The culture is the history and the daily of the organization; in this way, the company differs from the others.

[...] It is an area of Attraction Park for the Googlers (any employee of Google) which offers facilities like a gym, free laundry rooms, post offices, free buses with WIFI from the city to transport employees, two small swimming pools, a sand volleyball court, massage room, assorted video games, Football, baby grand piano, pool table, ping pong, roller hockey twice a week in the parking lot and more than a dozen cafeterias and restaurants of diverse selection which offer healthy food for free By sharing a corporate culture, Google wants to increase communication, offer a stimulant intellectual and creative environment. [...]

[...] The corporate culture is important both for the company and the employees. It can be improved in relation with the expectations or can undergo a rupture because of the environment. Trainings are provided to assist the change toward the new culture and modify customs of the members. The change is benefic for the employees; they can participate to the creation of the new rules, values and procedures. They feel an affiliation and develop together team spirit and cohesion. In this paper, I noticed that the corporate culture is necessary for the effective development of the organization. [...]

[...] The intern factor : the corporate culture develops, o socialization o motivation o non-conflict In general, all the companies create a corporate culture to stimulate the affiliation feeling of the employees which is a real motivation. Also, employees feel a membership, a team spirit, it units them around the name, the products and services, the customers and the brand image of the company. Then, the corporate culture can be remembered to ease or avoid intern conflicts. The extern factor: the corporate culture o Cultivates image and identity of the brand o Develops performance and result o Facilitates the change Sometimes, the culture permits to pilot an organization or method change, to improve strategy and communication, to mobilize and motive employees . [...]

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