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The current and potential use of Knowledge Management within the Grocery Retails

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  1. Industry Analysis
    1. Products
    2. Customers
    3. Competition
  2. Use current of Knowledge Management in Grocery Retail
    1. The balanced scorecard
    2. Types of Intellectual Capital
  3. Strategy for Future use of Knowledge Management
    1. E-business's explosion
    2. E-learning's increasing
    3. Technological advances

Knowledge management is paramount in companies as it permits to seek, find, collect and share information and data. This long process allows the managers, the employees and the people in charge to answer to the needs of the customers. With an aim of increasing its productivity, its effectiveness and of acquiring competitive advantages in its sector to dissociate them or answer competition, it is important for a company to learn from new methods (innovation). With the rise of the use of Internet and new technologies, the retailers have developed the concept of Intellectual Capital. Companies are trying to understand Balanced Scorecard, index Intellectual Capital, Relationship Capital, Customers Capital and Structural Capital.

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