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The information system in the company

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  1. The information system
    1. The information
    2. The information system (IS)
  2. Typology of the information systems
    1. Information systems of transformation of the chains of value
    2. General types of the information systems

Disclosure and availability is the name of the business game. Thus, a company will be able to survive only if it has sufficient information (information which is presently available, which is relevant, reliable, precise and recent). Information is vital in a company as it executes its role with effectiveness and precision and thereafter, contributes to advocating good and just decisions at the appropriate moment. Through this, one can understand the significance of the installation of an information system. The sector of the information systems has undergone several changes over the years. The recent evolutions of this sector as well on the methodological level coupled with the plan of technologies and material architectures have returned and emphasized the analysis, the design and the deployment of the increasingly complex information systems. Presently, it has been observed that it is essential that the managers understand the significance of information systems. The main reason for this understanding is to ensure that the majority of the organizations need a strong base to survive and thrive. Hence, one needs to tackle the subject on information systems within the company.

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