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The main challenges and opportunities that managers face when working in teams. What role does team leadership play in this context?

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  1. The team work
    1. The main principles of a team work and the different roles that we can have
    2. Main opportunities when we work in a team
    3. Main challenges when we work in team
  2. The leadership
    1. The role of the leader
    2. The different kind of leader

The ability to work in a team is a desired competence, which is rare in the French system, especially among the "chiefs" and the managers. In France, importance is given to genius, and a strong personality on which everything may depend. Even is teams are formed, they do not function as teams as they are built on a model where the team-members are under the control of the chief, and must conform to the established rhythm of work, and methods. In this model, the chief does not delegate, he just sub-contracts. Real team work requires that all members are subjected to the rule, including the leader. Each one has a task allocated in order for the team to be successful. The "chief" is then the person who is in charge of the coordination, the arbitrations, animation and the impulse of the team. This requires a completely different frame of mind, where the leader accepts that all the work is not done with his measurement, and according to his good pleasure. He accepts that important components of the realization are not under his narrow control, and thus depends on the members of his team. Beyond a certain level, tasks cannot be accomplished by only one person, even if he is surrounded by an army of advisers and assistants. Although he may be exceptionally brilliant, this person is limited by being human, and cannot know all. To work in a team makes it possible for him to create synergies, with the team-members focusing their energy on the project. They use their talents in the most optimal way, instead of having to pass part of their time to adapt to the steps of another. It is a bigger achievement when the task one performs well is replicated.

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