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The positive effects of employee decision making

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Statement of the problem.
  3. Purpose of the study.
  4. Hypotheses.
  5. Definitions of terms.
  6. Delimitations of the study.
  7. Review of the literature.
  8. Theoretical framework.

The dynamism in work environments contribute to its growth. There are various changes taking place?in products, the types of customers, in organizational culture, and even in company policies. Employees are directly affected by these changes. A lack of participation in making these changes may develop anxiety in employees whenever changes in the company happen. In these circumstances, the employees are literally taken out of their comfort zones. It is logical to think that unhappy and insecure employees will eventually lead to the deterioration of work performance. Therefore, employees must take part in various changes that affect them so that they do not fear upcoming changes

[...] The main thesis of the paper is that if employee decision making works in automobile manufacturing companies like Toyota and Harley Davidson then it is likely to work in aviation manufacturing companies like Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Vought Aircraft. All these companies involve project groups and teams with specific tasks to perform. These non-traditional work structures make these companies perfect for participative management and employee decision making. Such responsibilities are said to be means of empowering the employees to be more productive and efficient. [...]

[...] And lastly, if employees have a hand at making decisions and creating change within the organization, then they are more accepting of change. Creating changes within the organization helps the employees become more accepting of the changes that will occur. Naturally, participative management is popular in democratic societies. Some people claim the American companies ought to imbibe participative management due to its democratic nature. There are ?powerful ethical and moral imperatives? (Stanton, 1993) involved in the idea of making American companies more people- or employee-friendly. [...]

[...] Moreover, Peterson and Zimmerman specifically described employee decision making as climate that facilitated input of employees into decisions concerning all aspects of their professional careers, and procedures that made information about the company accessible to all its employees? (2004). Empowerment means enabling or delegating certain specialized tasks to an employee as a means of positive reinforcement. Empowering Organizations are organizations which are enabling their members to participate in various work-related tasks and activities traditionally assigned to managerial and administrative positions. [...]

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