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The quality: an essential constituent of operation management (2007)

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  1. Definition of operations management
  2. Ways to define quality
  3. What the total quality management is

In a world where productivity and efficiency are often key words and the only concerns in the work vocabulary, Operations Management can be defined as "the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs". For a firm, these activities lead to another way to achieve its different objectives without taking into account factors of efficiency only. A good operation manager has to plan, organize, staff, lead and control in order to achieve his company's goals. But with the constant innovation of proceeds and the new challenges which surge, he has to familiarize himself with all the changes which occur in the business world. Numerous changes have modified the strategies of companies in the past few years; and the operation management is one of those. Indeed there were changes in the quality, the reduction in inventory and costs, in the improving delivery and lead times. Here we will focus more particularly on the changes which influence one of the essential constituents of the operation management, the quality, and the implications it leads to.

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