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The respect of copyright on the Internet

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  1. Illegal free download: new rules and juridical dilemma
    1. Products under Copyright
    2. Exceptions
    3. Author prerogatives
    4. Penalties
  2. What are the differences between American Copyright and European ?droit d'auteur??
    1. French legislation
    2. A different interpretation of the European author's right: the American copyright
    3. International agreement
  3. To allocate responsibilities to actors of the World Wide Web
    1. Web users' responsibility
    2. Research providers on Internet
  4. business and respect of copyright: which solutions for the future?
    1. Technology may be a solution
    2. A growing sector for e-business relating to music: mobile phone activities

In this work, I have chosen to talk about the respect of the law in e-business. More specifically, I'm interested in the problem that artists and music producing companies are facing, namely the non-conformance to of copyright acts through peer to peer and free download. We have all heard about the Napster lawsuit and the dilemma that exists between download via Internet, and software like Grokster or Morpheus, and the interests of music producers relating to copyright. To download free illegal content is very easy nowadays, and the scope of use is the World Wide Web. How then, is it possible to avoid such abuse? To understand the background, we will have to specify which products we are talking about, which are the works concerned and protected by copyright, and what are the exceptions and the author's prerogatives. We will see what the legal issues are, when copyright isn't respected. This will enable us to understand the main differences between American copyright and the European author's right. Talking about International agreement will help us understand the background relating to the Internet and the application of the law on World Wide Web. Once the situation concerning the respect of copyright on the Web is understood, it will be interesting to see what the responsibilities allocated to professionals of Internet are. To conclude, we will talk about the other alternatives that exist to protect the copyright on the Internet.

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