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Theories of motivation : the role played by salary and by non-financial incentives in promoting motivation in middle managers

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  1. What is motivation?
    1. Internal external factors
    2. Other variables which influence the employees' motivation
  2. How to enhance motivation?
    1. Financial incentives
    2. Non financial incentives
    3. What kind of incentive should be chosen?

Motivation is one of the main concerns for companies. Motivation can be defined as the factor that enables a human being to accomplish a given objective. Companies have to find a way to enhance the motivating factor to increase its managers and employees' motivation levels. First, the company has to consider the factors affecting the goals and motivation. The workplace can split the motivating factors into two parts namely the hygiene and motivating factors. Hygiene factors are primarily the financial factors that enable a human being to satisfy his / her basic needs. The purpose of such factors is to increase the employee motivation. The variables allow a firm prevent factors that lead to negative motivation. This paper focuses on the impact of incentives on the middle managers and their motivation. It is clear that financial incentives are hygiene factors and the non financial incentives are motivational factors. We have to consider that every employee or manager does not have the same perception of his job and does not have the same goals. Even if we focus on the middle managers, there are some differences. A manager may value more the financial incentives than the non financial ones.

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