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Working time management

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  1. What is working time?
    1. How do we measure the time at work?
    2. Few explicative assumptions on the relationship between the intensity and duration of working hours.
  2. The time management attached to a company.
  3. The different conceptions of time.
    1. Synthesis of monochronic time and polychronic time.
    2. Long term and short term orientation.
  4. Recommendation: Management of your priorities.
    1. What could we do if we want to be better organized.
    2. How to manage time effectively and make days more productive?
    3. Nomadism : A new way of working.
  5. Survey.
  6. Bibliography.

The evolution of the working time is seen as a key indicator of the improvement of living and working conditions. Although the quantity is easy to calculate, we mustn't forget that time management depend on personal factors like the speed at work, the difficulty of achieving the tasks and the level of conscientiousness like the implication in the life of the company. However, the development of intellectual and relational activities scrambles the borders between work and no work. The working hours/time is variable according to the position in a company. The heterogeneity of the activities and the responsibility levels have direct impact on working hours planning. For example, the working hours between a high employment position and a low employment position will be different because of the nature of the activity. The working hours of an industrial employee are limited by the pointing operation, but the working hours of an employer are more flexible, so that a business lunch can be included in the working time.

[...] So therefore, the improvement of the working tasks (at the production the NTIC, the externalisation of unprofitable activities seems to be the best compromise for the manager to optimize his time management inside the company. Inside the company: the difficulties of controlling the time management in all the actors' activities the commercials ) With which particular requirements the collaborators (commercials) are subjected? Commercial must be available for its customers. He has a management and a forecast of the working time particularly delicate and difficult to judge by the manager. [...]

[...] According to some people, the attitude, which is like fatalism, is an obstacle to the change and explain the fact that any important innovation has born in the Islam countries since several centuries Time is currently more considered as a psychological concept than as a physical concept. : - According to certain Buddhists, time doesn't exist and the human being only exists in a relative and transitive way. In the same way, past still exits in the present where is already the future - According to certain Muslim people, time belongs to God and the human being is not the master of the time. [...]

[...] Percentage of employees working on Saturday per number of Saturdays worked (in Years worked per month That shows us that we are tending to work less year after year and avoiding extra hours in order to increase the control in our time management. Duration of the work according to the frequency of high rates work Weekly duration of work (in hours) Full time Full and partial time of time of time of time Generally, more the workers have working hours and more the rate of work is high. [...]

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