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A research study on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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  1. Abstract
  2. Purpose
  3. Introduction
  4. Areas of CSR's concern
  5. Reasons for having CSR
  6. Research background
  7. Literature background
    1. Introduction
    2. Criteria for selection of articles
    3. Defining CSR
    4. Ethical considerations
    5. Ethical and social responsibility - The marketing perspective
    6. History of CSR
    7. Working model and working of CSR
    8. Dynamic model and CSR
    9. Ethical CSR vs Altruistic CSR vs Strategic CSR
    10. Conclusion
  8. Research methodology
  9. Research purpose
  10. Types of research
  11. Survey, questionnaire and data collection
  12. Data collection and interpretation
  13. Data analysis of the survey
  14. Conclusion
  15. Suggestions
  16. Limitation
  17. Bibliography

The aim of this research proposal is to gather information about the strategies and initiatives taken by ASDA with respect to corporate social responsibility towards workforce, community, environment which can be emulated by other retailers. The purpose of this research is to investigate the extent to which an organization's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has an impact on its workforce.

The origin of CSR can be traced back to companies which were criticized and found guilty of their antisocial and anti competitive practices. At that point of time, the far sighted business houses and its executives were advised to use their power and influence for social purposes other than profits alone. There has been an increasing concern and public interest in protecting the environment which made the organizations focus on environmental issues. Many companies have become proactive and have pioneered new approaches to effective environmental management, which adds on the competitive advantage.

[...] Walter Schiebel and Siegi Pöchtrager (2003), further explore this view by saying that many companies are choosing to make an explicit commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their mission, vision and values statements. Such statements frequently extend beyond profit maximization to include an acknowledgement of a company's responsibilities to a broad range of stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities and the environment. This brings us to the concept of so-called ?values-based business approach?, which views company's strategy as a set of core values, which are independent of specific strategic goals and play a role of the directing force in determination of company's ?mission and vision as well as its day-to-day policies and operations' (Walter Schiebel and Siegi Pöchtrager, 2003). [...]

[...] ( Aim and Objectives of Research This research primarily focuses on the ASDA stores, a leading retailer in United Kingdom, which has taken efforts to meet expectations of corporate social responsibility by devising numerous eco friendly operations and strategies and finding its effect on the internal and external environment of the organizations. To review literature on Corporate Social Responsibility and its implementation. To compare insights from the literature and the actual practices of ASDA. Literature Review Introduction The aim of the following literature review is to identify the most important and knowledgeably important academic and practical works throughout the past decade upon the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics. [...]

[...] 331-338 Jamie Snider; Ronald Paul Hill; Diane Martin (2003) ?Corporate social responsibility in the 21st century: a view from the world's most successful firms.? Journal of Business Ethics, December, Volume 48 p175 Marketing (2003) ?Ethical work 'not being exploited? 20th of November p 4 Roger Cowe (1996) ?When business cannibals take up forks: corporate social responsibility was once thought to be an idea bordering on communism. Now most firms pay lip-service. But have they really changed?? New Statesman, 8th of July, Volume 131 p 26 Kathy Sutton (2002) ?Take advantage of CSR to boost the status of Personnel Today, 15th of October, p 20 Gerald Vinten (1998) ?Putting ethics into quality? The TQM Magazine, Volume 10, Number 2 pp. [...]

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