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An empirical reflection on the needs for and consequences of operational and technical integration with ERP projects

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Methodology
  4. Classification of ERP projects
    1. Support and primary ERP projects
    2. ERP projects by initiation driver
    3. ERP projects by impact
  5. Research questions
    1. Sample demographics
    2. Historic development (Q1)
    3. Integration and ERP impact (Q2)
  6. Conclusions
  7. References

This research article is set against the background of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a solution to address operational and technical integration to support daily operations. It aims at characterizing ERP projects by their reasons for initiation in particular considering integration criteria and at highlighting connecting implementation consequences based on an empirical survey. In particular, the importance of ERP to solve operational and business integration related problems has increased over time, the catalogue of expectations has expanded and the business related criteria of ERP do not solely dominate initiation of ERP projects. In overall, integration projects were able to meet organizational expectations especially in terms of an integrated flow and a better quality of information. The ERP integration projects were overrepresented in organizational clusters with relatively higher ERP adoption success rates. However, business seeking to integrate with ERP do not believe as much in ERP to provide a competitive edge as compared to other ERP adopters, they also regularly produce unexpected integration issues in the implementation phase and face prolonged performance problems in the operational stage that are not solved over time. New ERP developments in particular in the area of Business Intelligence or Application Integration should further promote ERP solutions as integration drivers. Key words: Enterprise resource planning, integration, enterprise application integration, empirical survey.

[...] This states that ERP integration projects do not believe as much in ERP to provide a competitive edge as compared to the others (?2, p=.01) Conclusions In general, it is known that operational and technical integration is a highly complex task, associated with high costs and risks, but also with great potentials. ERP can be seen as one solution that addresses integration to support daily operations. This research has shown that historically seen, the majority of ERP projects were initiated due to business related adoption drivers. [...]

[...] Bernroider, "An Analysis of ERP decision making practice and consequences for subsequent system life cycle stages - A case study," in Decision Support for Global Enterprises - Annals of Information Systems, vol U. Kulkarni, D. J. Power, and R. Sharda, Eds pp. 195-206. M. Themistocleous, Z. Irani, and R. M. O'Keefe, "ERP and application integration: Exploratory survey," Business Process Management Journal, vol pp. 195- E. P. Bureau-van-Dijk, "Amadeus," Bureau-van-Dijk D. A. Dillman, Mail and telephone surveys: the Total Design method. [...]

[...] Regarding question the impact of ERP integration projects defined by the developed topology in his paper is investigated Methodology This paper draws on an industry independent empirical survey that was undertaken in the years 2003 to 2004 with Austrian small-to-medium scale enterprises (SMEs) as well as large scale enterprises (LEs) as target groups. To avoid under representing the large enterprises in the sample, a stratified and disproportional sample with subgroups according to company size was defined. One thousand Austrian SMEs and LEs were randomly selected from firms listed in a comprehensive, pan-European database containing financial information on 7 million public and private companies in 38 European countries The questionnaire was guided by descriptive and analytical research goals in particular concentrating on ERP success. [...]

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