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Essential departments in a hotel

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  1. Introduction to hotel industry
  2. Importance of hotels in the tourism industry
  3. Operational departments of the hotel
  4. Role of front office
    1. Duties and responsibilities
    2. Hierarchy of front office department
    3. Sections of the front office
    4. The front desk
    5. The main function of the reception
    6. Message handling
    7. The night manager's report
    8. Front office cashier
  5. Housekeeping
    1. Introduction
    2. Guest amenities and supplies
    3. Executive club room
    4. Suite room
    5. Organizational hierarchy
    6. Sections of the housekeeping department
    7. Valet system
    8. Systems and procedures
    9. Cleaning of departure room
    10. Weekly cleaning schedule
    11. Spring cleaning
    12. Co-ordination with other departments
  6. Security
    1. Staff areas
    2. Time office
    3. Types of registers used
  7. Engineering and maintenance
    1. Assistant operation manager
    2. The various registers used
  8. Sales and marketing
    1. Hospitality markets
    2. Hospitality distribution channel
    3. Sales and marketing organization
    4. Responsibility of the marketing and sales division
  9. F and B outlets
    1. Food and beverage production
    2. Duties and responsibilities
  10. Food and beverage service
    1. Restaurant
    2. Room service
    3. Systems and procedures
    4. Type of room service
    5. Duties and responsibilities
    6. Co-ordination with other departments
  11. Kitchen stewarding
    1. Functions
    2. Duties and responsibilities
  12. Non-operational departments of the hotel
    1. Purchasing
    2. Buying raw materials
    3. Formal buying
    4. Duties and responsibilities
    5. Receiving procedure
    6. Forms and formats used
  13. Stores department
    1. Systems and procedures
    2. Duties and responsibilities
    3. Forms and formats used
  14. Account and finance department
    1. Functions of account and finance department
    2. Organizational of accounts department
    3. Duties and responsibility
  15. Personnel department
    1. Recruitment
    2. Dismissal
    3. Appraisal
    4. Qualities of personnel manager

The past, present and the future of the hospitality industry are closely linked. Today's lodging and restaurants are the result of many centuries of social and cultural evolution. Comfortable and sanitary lodging was once considered the exclusive privilege of the wealthy. But with the rise of industries and democracy, hospitality became available to the common citizen. Advances in transportation enabled more people to travel greater distances at less cost, spreading tourism across the globe.

From modest origins, hospitality and tourism rose to become two of the largest worldwide industries. Many states and nations rely heavily on tourism dollars to provide for the employment and well being of their citizens. A world without travel accommodation is almost unthinkable in the context of the modern era. But before examining the history and development of hotel and catering industry, we must establish some form of definition that covers a wide scope. The Hotel Properties Act of 1956 defines a hotel as "an establishment held out by the proprietor as offering food, drink and if so required sleeping accommodation, without special contract to any travelers presenting himself who appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received."

The variety of rooms offered through the years developed in response to the customer needs. This continues to be there as social and business needs change, the style of rooms also must change. The socio economic and political situation of the country has a direct effect on its tourism industry as with the present liberalization policies the international and domestic tourism industry has been supplied with a much-needed boost.

[...] Night Supervisor Is special in a manner that would require him on her to be able to handle any aspect of housekeeping at night including the Desk Control operation, issue of linen and uniform in an emergency, etc. His area of activity extends over to guest rooms; public area and also linen and uniform rooms. He is responsible and accountable at night for smooth housekeeping through his brigade and has larger decision-making authority than other supervisors, as he is the housekeeper for night. [...]

[...] of sections in a kitchen depends on the type of establishment and the menu offered. Kitchen Commis These are new comers who join the organization at the lower level. They are the main workers of the department as they are responsible for getting the supplies as well as cooking the food. CO-ORDINATION WITH OTHER DEPARTMENTS Food and Beverage Service A close co-ordination between these two departments is must for the efficient functioning of the hotel. The F & B service informs the production on time about the buffet and gives the list of menu items to the kitchen. [...]

[...] TYPES OF REGISTERS USED IN THE SECURITY Gate pass register Visitor pass Ration register (Daily incoming, meals, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.) Register of bakery items Out pass register Newspaper register Material register ' Gardener register Staff night sleeping register Staff night staying register FILES MAINTAINED Gate pass file Requisition slip file Visitors pass file Bakery, items file (token from hotel by staff) ENGINEERING AND MAINTENANCE Its main function is to provide all essential uninterrupted service to guest satisfaction and maintaining quantity services like power supply and water supply. [...]

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