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Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M): A look at its operations and organization in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Major markets
  3. 3M's Vision
  4. 3M's Mission
  5. 3M's business objectives
    1. Profits/ growth
    2. Products/ customers
    3. Human resources
    4. Citizenship
  6. 3M corporate policy
  7. Product profile
  8. Six sigma
    1. Six sigma qualities
    2. Six themes of Six sigma
    3. Six sigma process capabilities
  9. Players of Six sigma
    1. Consultants
    2. Six sigma leaders
    3. Master Black Belts (MBBs)
    4. Black Belts(BBs)
    5. Green Belts (GBs)
  10. Supply chain
  11. Functions
    1. Imports
    2. Customer service
    3. Distribution
    4. Materials management
  12. Integrated supply chain management
  13. Functional departments
    1. Finance department
    2. Financial management
    3. Human resource management department
    4. Function of human resource/office service in 3m india ltd
    5. Information technology department
    6. Technical
    7. Marketing department
  14. Automotive and specialty material markets
    1. Electro and telecom markets
    2. Health care markets
    3. Traffic and safety markets
    4. Electronic markets
    5. Construction markets
    6. Consumer and office markets
  15. Theoretical background of the study
    1. Productivity
  16. Benefits for 3M
    1. Medical assistance
    2. Reimbursement towards hospitalization expenses
    3. Health checkup
    4. Leave travel assistance
    5. Employee loan assistance program
    6. Emergency loan
  17. Superannuation
    1. Safety policy
    2. Safety, qualityand productivity department
    3. Environment health and safety
    4. Government regulations and environmental concern
    5. QICR projects
    6. Objective
  18. Findings of the study
  19. Limitations of the study
  20. Results of the study
  21. Major concerns
  22. Observations
  23. Learning
  24. SWOT analysis
  25. Conclusion

For nine of the past 10 years, 3M has ranked in the top 10 of Fortune's annual survey of "America's Most Admired Corporations." In 1994 alone, major reporting about 3M included articles in Fortune and Business Week in the United States and 3M's success can be measured by the fact that one original share of stock has become 1,536 shares today with a value of $840,000.

Found in 1902, 3M has evolved from near failure to become one of the world's most innovative companies -- with 60,000 products that contribute to health and safety, productivity, and communication in more than 200 countries. It is said that one quarter of the world's population uses one or more 3M products every day. Technology helped lift 3M from near failure after an initial mining venture produced a single $20 sale of poor-quality abrasive material, and the company's first crude sandpaper began shedding its grit. The company's only technician solved this problem by identifying the source. The grit was shipped from Spain as ballast aboard a freighter, and olive oil leaked into it from casks broken open during a storm. From these early difficulties, 3M has evolved into a company with annual sales of more than $14 billion and operations in the United States and 61 other countries.

[...] In Japan alone, 3M's largest single-country market outside the United States, the company's sales top $ 1.4 billion annually, and it is a leader in a number of markets. On a global basis, 3M is the only U.S. company to be a leader in videotape, and it is the undisputed leader in computer diskettes, data cartridges and tapes. 3M stresses proper funding of science and technology to provide the new products that are the building blocks of its growth. The company spends 7 cents of every sales dollar on R&D more than twice the average of U.S. [...]

[...] 3M has and will continue to recognize and exercise its responsibilities to the community it serves Solve its own environment pollution and conservation problems Prevent pollution at the source wherever and whenever possible Develop products that will have a minimum effect on the environment Conserve natural resources through the use of reclamation and other appropriate methods Assure that facilities and products meet and sustain the regulations of the country and environmental agencies Assist wherever possible, government agencies and other official organizations engaged in Environmental activities. [...]

[...] In keeping with the 3M beliefs, it has developed a number of policies designed to protect the interests of its employees and thereby create a work climate, which is conducive to the employee and keeps him satisfied. Apart from the usual PF, and ESI schemes that are mandatory, 3M has numerous other schemes for its employees. The following are a brief description of the policies adopted at 3M: Medical assistance: , subject to certain limits. The family members include the dependant's parents. [...]

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