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Construction Management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Other specialists that the architects consult
  3. The job of the quantity surveyor
  4. Picking between an architect and a quantity surveyor
  5. How a construction project fairs
  6. The Salt Lake City County Building in Salt Lake City, Utah
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

The world of construction management has grown in a multi-billion dollar industry and a force that must be reckoned with for anyone that ever has to deal with a build project. Gone are the days of an elusive contractors that may or may not finish a build within the parameters of the project. The modern world of construction management demands quick completion dates and maximum efficiency. To meet this goal, a team of professionals is needed when perhaps in days gone by one could have gotten by with less of a management team. Today, in the current build environment, the roles of the architect and quantity surveyor are those of lead consultants on a build project. These positions not just luxury positions that only big projects require; instead, the demands and high-stakes world of construction management require that these professionals be part of the management team.

[...] Or, if you are leaning toward an architect, how many buildings has the person not only designed, but overseen during the construction process? Although many years of experiences on a construction site can be a great asset, a lead consultant also needs the specialized educational training that will be a huge asset to any build project. So how does a construction project fair that opts to do without the direct services of an architect or quantity surveyor as lead consultant? [...]

[...] In a build project, the careful management of the architect or the quantity surveyor is now responsible for all of the financial aspects of the build as well, which takes a huge burden off the client for managing these important, yet delicate, matters. Additionally, a quantity surveyor or architect has access to other types of professionals that an owner or client simply will not have. The architect or quantity surveyor is also in charge of managing the time frame of the build and ensuring that subcontractor do their part in the specified amount of time, which is another huge task the owner or client will not have to manage on their own if a quantity surveyor or architect is serving as lead consultant. [...]

[...] Since so many projects go unfinished because of problems with subcontractors, budget problems, or supply problems, it is more important than ever to consider adding one of these three construction managers to the team of professionals working on a build project. Additionally, since there are so many safety and health regulations that must be followed, to embark on a project without the aid of a manager is to gamble with whether or not the subcontractors are cohesively addressing the issues of building laws. [...]

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