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A brief study on the important departments in an organization

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  1. Human Resource Department
    1. Recruitment
    2. Induction training
    3. Performance appraisal
    4. Grievance redressal
  2. Marketing Department
  3. Material Department
  4. Works and project department
  5. Finance department
    1. Functions of the finance department

The Human Resource Department is the main part of the organization. It performs a number of activities concerned with the employees of the organization and it interacts with the other departments to ensure smooth running of the company. The marketing department usually consists of a strong network of executives and agents who have always been in the forefront of determining customer requirements and providing excellent services to them. The production department estimates the requirements of materials and informs the purchase department through a purchase requisition. The Works and Project Department is one of the main departments in the organization. The works and project department is controlled by the Senior Manager, Works and Projects.

[...] Induction Training An induction manual along with necessary training from the HRD will be given to the newly inducted employees, familiarizing them with the organization and its policies. Performance Appraisal A performance appraisal is conducted to provide an insight into the employees' performance and help them to perform better. Performance appraisals should be conducted annually for all employees. Grievance Redressal This ensures a better relationship between the employees and the management. Communication from aggrieved employee to: Immediate supervisor / section head. [...]

[...] It performs a number of activities concerned with the employees of the organization and interacts with the other departments to ensure the smooth running of the company. The main functions of HRD Ø Recruitment Ø Training Ø Performance Appraisal Ø Disciplinary Actions Ø Welfare Activities Ø Time office Ø Wages and Salary Administration RECRUITMENT Recruitment is done based on the vacancies reported by various department heads. It includes the following steps: A. Request from Department B. Processing of Request C. [...]

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