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A business plan outlining an idea for the creation and running of a catering firm

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  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies for running a catering firm
    1. Market research
  3. The purpose of starting up a catering company
    1. Legal issues
    2. The target market
  4. Situation analysis
  5. Key factors analysis
  6. Key force analysis
  7. The business plan
    1. Objectives
    2. The target market
    3. Strategy
    4. Finanace
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

This plans main aim is to provide a strategy, which enables the start up and running of a successful catering firm. The value proposition for this project is customers will use this catering firm because all the food used to make meals will be organic offering the customer a healthy way of eating. People will use this service as it has been recognized in the media that eating organic foods is just one way of maintaining a healthy life style. This will give us a competitive advantage against rival catering firms, as many firms do not offer an entire organic range of meals. The advantage for this firm over substitute products is that customers would have to buy from food stores and make the food themselves, this firms aim is to target customers that do not have the time to do this. The target market for the business will be wealthy professionals who do not have time to cook their own food and live in and around Manchester City center.

At this stage the project is in the early stages of development.

[...] After the customer has been served they will receive a follow up letter thanking them for their service and offering a small discount for return business to boost sales. This will make the customer feel valued and will increase the chances of return business Physical Evidence: This feature of the service mix is not really needed for us as we have no premises were customers will come. Ellen will just need to be dressed well like I said before to create a relaxed atmosphere between her and the customer Porters 5 Force analysis: This method of measuring competition in an industry measures 5 competitive forces. [...]

[...] Possibly living away from home for the first time or still not having learnt to cook properly at university, young professionals may not be as good at producing high quality meals as more experienced and older people in society Strategy Ansoffs Matrix Figure Existing Products New Products Existing Markets Market Penetration Product Development New Markets Market Development Diversification Product Development: This will be the growth strategy for the firm as we are entering an existing market offering a new service. [...]

[...] This though is of course a lot of hassle for some people with little time on their hands so we believe through the research we have done they will pay for the service and the higher standard of cooking from us. This is were the Customers assessment of unique product features comes into play. As our products our organic health conscious people will find this an extremely attractive feature. Due to our target market having a large disposable income the cost of the product is not going to be the most important thing. [...]

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