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A closer look at the company 3M

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  1. Introduction
  2. 3M history and corporate milestones
    1. Timeline: 1900 to 1909
    2. Timeline: 1920 to 1929
    3. Timeline: 1930 to 1939
    4. Timeline: 1940 to 1949
    5. Timeline: 1950 to 1959
    6. Timeline: 1960 to 1969
    7. Timeline: 1970 to 1979
    8. Timeline: 1990 to 1999
  3. Company profile
    1. Major markets served
    2. 3M's principles of management
    3. Product profie
  4. Functional arears
    1. Automotive and specialty material markets
    2. Electro and telecom markets
    3. Health care markets
    4. Traffic and safety markets
    5. Electronic markets
    6. Construction markets
    7. Consumer and office markets
  5. Technical
  6. Finance
  7. Information technology
  8. Supply chain
    1. Imports
    2. Customer service
    3. Distribution
    4. Materials management
  9. Global trading
    1. Vision
    2. Role
  10. Human resource/office service
  11. Six sigma
  12. 3M corporate policy
  13. Meaning and definition
    1. Human resource management
    2. Core concept of HRM
  14. Semantics
  15. Objectives of HRM
    1. Organisational objective
    2. Functional objective
    3. Personal objective
  16. Theoretical background of the study
    1. Productivity
  17. Benefits for 3M
    1. Medical assistance
    2. Reimbursement towards hospitalization expenses
    3. Health checkup
    4. Leave travel assistance
    5. Employee loan assistance program
    6. Interest subsidy at 3M
    7. Emergency loan
  18. Safety, quality and productivity
    1. Link between productivity and safety
    2. Environment health and safety
    3. Safety committee
    4. 24 hour safety
    5. Personal protective equipment
  19. Quality and productivity
    1. Link between productivity and quality
    2. Why is productivity important?
    3. Steps taken to improve yield
    4. QICR projects
  20. Other systems adopted
    1. Employee satisfaction team
    2. Appreciation cheques
    3. Employee communication forum
    4. Employee opinion survey
  21. Statement of problem
    1. Objective
    2. Scope of the project
    3. Methodology adopted
  22. Findings of the study
  23. Limitations of the study
  24. Results of the study
  25. Miscellaneous observations
  26. Learnings
  27. SWOT analysis
  28. Suggestions and recommendations

3M is a well-established business presence in the 61 countries where it operates. In these, it has 109 plant locations and 223 sales offices. In Japan alone, 3M's largest single-country market outside the United States, the company's sales top $1.4 billion annually, and it is a leader in a number of markets. 3M Scotchcal* Vinyl Films are the most widely used materials in Japan for advertising graphics on trucks, buildings and signs. On a global basis, 3M is the only U.S. company to be a leader in videotape, and it is the undisputed leader in computer diskettes, data cartridges and tapes.

3M stresses proper funding of science and technology to provide the new products that are the building blocks of its growth. The company spends 7 cents of every sales dollar on R&D -- more than twice the average of U.S. manufacturing companies. This produces a cornucopia of new products. In 1993, 3M generated sales of more than $900 million from products less than a year old. In 1994, 3M expected to achieve its new goal of 30 percent of sales from products less than four years old.

3M's tradition is to maintain R&D spending at a high level during difficult times, which helps the company, continues to outperform the economies it serves and positions it well for early participation when recovery occurs.

[...] 3M inaugurated Pollution Prevention Pays a program that encourages employees throughout the company to prevent pollution at the source. It led to large reductions in pollution and waste in 3M's products, processes and daily operations. In 1972, 3M sales passed the billion mark; by 1979, sales topped billion. More challenges and more growth lay ahead. Timeline: 1990 1999 A key characteristic of this decade is change: relationships within governments, between countries and among businesses . recession and unrest . the reunification of Germany. [...]

[...] 3M has defined an emergency as: Hospitalization of family member/self Marriage in the family Death in the family School fees/donation of children Personal Accident Insurance 3M ensures that all permanent employees of the company are covered under a 24 hours Personal Accident Policy for injury sustained due to an accident at any time of day/night, in or outside the factory/office premises. The coverage is grade specific. SUPERANNUATION 3M recognizes the contribution of its employees who have dedicated the best of their working lives to the company. [...]

[...] With sales four times higher than at the beginning of the decade, 3M headed into a challenging new era. Timeline: 1930 1939 The was a decade of contrasts. The Great Depression . the Chicago World's Fair . the Berlin Olympics . FDR and the New Deal . Thanks to sound fiscal policies, 3M was a Depression-era phenomenon. The company expanded sales, employment and facilities and paid dividends every year. Even before Social Security was enacted in the United States, 3M created benefit programs that gave workers a sense of well-being. [...]

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