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A measure of delight: The pursuit of quality at AT&T universal card services

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By the late 1980s, AT&T had produced a favorable reputation for itself. By focusing on customer satisfaction and quality, AT&T became a leader in its respective industry. This, however, was not sufficient enough. There was more to be achieved and the leaders of AT&T, at the time, knew what industry upon where to focus: the credit card industry. With any new process, the goals and visions of the organization needed to be re-evaluated.

[...] At UCS, everyone was well aware of the destiny the company sought to achieve. UCS wanted to be the leader in the credit card industry. The identity they constructed was one of superior quality and customer service. This was instilled into the employees everyday. When the whole team shares one identity and one sense of destiny, the roadblocks may seem insignificant when trying to reach the ultimate goal. Finally, Team Learning is a major aspect of the Learning Organization. This is where everything comes together. [...]

[...] AT&T Universal Card Services should build upon the success of the ?Triple Quality Team Challenge?. The ?Triple Quality Team Challenge? was a ?special incentive program which allowed associates and managers to earn triple bonuses a month for each quality day they achieved beyond a base of twenty quality days? (Rosegrant 24). If you are able to place an incentive, such as bonuses, in front of your employees, the results will be favorable. While analyzing this case, it was clear that despite all the monitoring and the added pressure on day-to-day [...]

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